Kiosk - Michael Jackson Passed Away

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From The Hoods All The Way To The Uptown
I Watched The Endless Road For You, No News Of You Arrived
You Had Your Options On Your Table, Your Memoire On Your Desk
The Deadline Of Your Negotiations Has Expired
'order And Security' Ran Us Over In Their Trucks
Take A Lesson My Young Friend, Of This Circumstance

Michael Jackson Passed Away

The Pipsqueak Pigeon Sits Upon The Statue Of The Nation’s Glory
Overdose By Placebo, Death By Bogus Cyanide
He Spent His Time Twiddling His Thumbs, Scared Of The Upper Hand
If You Want To Make An Omelet, You Have To Break Some Eggs
Waiting For One Friday Out Of A Thousand Years Of Snarl
Enrichment Has Turned To Shit, Reinforcing The Perpetual

Michael Jackson Passed Away

Life Under The Refugee Tents, In The Rain, Bullshit In The Name Of Security
'quantity Is A Quality'; Population Growth
Shanty Shack Schools While The Imam Rests Enshrined
Take Your Scotland Nap My Friend, Who Said I’m Even Talking You?
If You Leave, You Are Subjected To 'human Errors' And Deaths Are Up In The Air
If You Stay, You’re Stuck With These Creatures, And The Corona Virus

Michael Jackson Passed Away

A Thousand And One Nights Came And Went, But Dawn Never Arrived
I Watched The Endless Road For You But, Michael Jackson Passed Away

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