Kiosk - Agha! Nigah Dar

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Hey Man, Pull Over Kiosk's latest video, directed by Mostafa Heravi, documents the band's 2010 ten-city European tour. All shots are live. This Song is from Kiosk's album 'Triple Distilled: Live at Yoshi's' which was chosen as one of the top ten albums of 2010 by BBC World's 'World of Music.' The English translation of this Song's lyrics are as follows: Between the red of finances and the red of tape I'm stuck at a crossroad A war path, straight to famine The other straight to misery I can't move forward, and I can't move back The good Samaritan could use a job, He could use a hand Which should we have chosen, knowledge or wealth? Knowledge plows for money, money bows to power As power and money spin the world Hey Man, Pull Over Pull Over, I'll get out right here... Come on, Brother, Pull Over, I don't want to be a bother.... Excellency, exalted Speaker, Savior of economies Our most pressing issue involves women and their arousing boots! And this is packaged and Labeled as 'The Great Plan to Secure Our Society' Crooks in the village, villains in the city Corruption in the books, corruption at the office Speaking of corruption, Mr. President, how's your mother? Mafia of football, Mafia of Oil, Mafia of Music, Mafia of Sugar... Your 'Sweet Scent of Servitude' campaign is suffocating us Civic participation turned to Physical Abuse We thought things would improve- but we thought wrong They bought the era of Reconstruction and sold off era of Justice In the end reform was 'reformed' Hey Man, Pull Over, Pull Over, I'll get out right here... Come on Brother, Pull Over, I'll get out right here... Kiosk, 'the pioneers of Iranian rock' (The Berlin Daily Newspaper) are a blend of rock, gypsy jazz, and Iranian folk. As BBC World writes: 'Their lyrics are a social commentary on the issues that affect the daily lives of Iranians all over the world.'

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