Abjeez- Hamoom

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Hamoom Is A Song From Abjeez's Latest Album 'paa Sho!' Which Means 'get Up!' In Persian.


The Album Was Recorded In Costa Rica In 2016 And Released In June 2017. The Video Was Made In Brooklyn/new York With The Loving Support Of Our Beautiful Friends: Kamran Taherimoghaddam And Sepideh Salehi (who Shot The Bathroom Images), Mina And Evan Siegel (who Let Us Use Their Dreamlike Bathroom For The Bathroom Shots), Nika Nodjumi (our Young Lovely Actress), Ali Soofi (our Cameraman For Nika's Shots) And Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design Who Lent Us Her Store For Parts Of The Video: Www.rshepherdfloraldesign.com
We Are Immensely Grateful For Their Support!

English Translation:

Hamoom (bathroom)

Let’s Take A Bath Together
Let’s Walk Under The Shower
Fill Up The Bathtub Together
Let’s Help To Bathe One Another
Let’s Wash Our Bodies From The Dirt And Dust
With The Soap Of Grace, In The Water Of Trust
Let’s Wash Away The Layers Of Sin
That Have Grown On Our Thoughts Over Years Of Grim
Let’s Pick Up The Wash Cloth And Start Rubbing Our Souls
The Mountain Of Complexes, that Have Gathered And Which Grows
Let’s Scrub Away The Layers Of Jealousy And Envy,
To Shed Off The Need For Competition And Rivalry 
Let’s Lather Our View, Let’s Shampoo Our Beliefs
So That Our Mind Gets The Scent Of Fresh Ideas
Come On, Let’s Go To The Shower Together Before It’s Too Late
Before Our Conscience Gives Its Place To Bigotry And Hate

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