ABJEEZ - Parcham

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Even if a unity of religious and political views is not possible, a unity of love is. Where there is unity there is always victory! English Translation Below: (Parcham= Flag) I wanted to say that I'd give up my life for you To save your dignity, I'd even spill my blood for you Then I wanted to say: "I FEEL YOU", let me hold your hand Let's come together and build a unity pact for our land I wanted to say, let's all come together in one voice Let's fight the oppressor with our power and poise I wanted to say all of this, and even more, before I changed my mind Cause apparently your opinions are different than mine! Cham cham cham cha cham cham What are we fighting over? Over an emblem of a flag! Cham cham cham cha cham cham Flexing muscles for each other under the same old flag! One of us is swaying the flag with the emblem of the lion and sun The other one's got a crown in it; see how musty it has become One says: the "Allah" sign's the official one lets keep the course Then another fellow nickers like an untamed horse One guys says: the "escalation mark" over the Allah sign Doesn't differ much from the crown worn by the lion "My" sign, "YOUR" sing, "OURS" and "THEIRS" sign See how easily it tears us apart, like a landmine! Over there [Iran], they're still searching for the lost votes of the unidentified martyrs Over here [outside Iran] we're fighting over absurd crude political parties As the awaiting gazes has left rust marks on the gates of Evin prison Over here, we're tangled in useless conflicts with no reason What happened to those good mottos of "Zoroaster "that we all recall? What's the point of handing glamorous "advice icons" on our wall? Our hearts are open and our intentions are clear But we still hold some old rotten prejudices dear We will build you motherland We will build We will build you motherland We will build

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