Abjeez - Forgive Us

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This Song Was Written And Performed By Safoura Safavi, In Collaboration With Students At Piteå School Of Music Back In 1998. The Song Was Then Recorded And Produced By Sufi Safavi. It Is Now Dedicated With Love, To All Of Those Brave Human Rights Defenders Who Work Tirelessly Day And Night For Freedom, Justice And Peace Around The World.


This Is The Worst Crime You Could Ever Commit.
Still, You Don’t Seem To Care A Bit.
How Can You Let This Be?
How Can You Turn Your Back, And Pretend, Not To See?
How Can You Be Such A Fool?
How Can You Be So Cruel?
I Get So Mad, Just Wanna Scream.
My Little Angel, How Could Anybody Do This To You?
I Wish There Was Something I Could Do!
May You Always Be, Strong And Brave.
May You Someday Be Able To Feel Trust And Love.
My Beautiful Innocent Little Dove.
Forgive Us, Forgive Us, Forgive Us Oh, Forgive Us!
Forgive Us, Forgive Us, Forgive Us Oh, Forgive Us!

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