Liraz - Injah

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Directed By: True Twins
Lyrics: Liraz
Music By Liraz / Uri Brauner Kinrot
Music Production: Uri Brauner Kinrot
Art Director: Jonathan Trichter
Cinematographer: Eitan Hatuka
Producer: Bar Zavada
Assistant Director: Udi Naor
Artistic Consultant: Jonatan Sharoni
Drone: Rom Barnea
Hair And Makeup: Gili Algabi
Hair And Makeup Assistant: Itay Shai
Choreographer: Miryam Ruvinov
Dancer: Ludvig Ispiryan
Color Grading: Gal Issar
Styling: Itay Bezaleli
Production Assistant: Eilam Chomsky
Clothing: Hanna Hamam, Dorin Frankfurt, Yuval Porat, Jennifer Kim
Location: Park Timna
Management: Dan Basman
Label: Glitterbeat Records

Dedicated To Savta Vera


The Wind Will Not Leave Out From Our Sails
הרוח לא תצא לנו מהמפרשים
باد از بادبون نمیره

The Money Will No Longer Fall
From Our Pockets
הכסף לא יפול לנו מהכיסים
پول از جیبامون نمیره

The Rain That Fell Yesterday, Tomorrow Will Wash Us
הגשם שירד מחר ישטוף אותנו
بارون که فردا بباره, ماهارو سیراب میکنه

Tomorrow's Sun Will Already Dry Us Out
השמש של מחר תייבש אותנו
خورشید که فردا بتابه, مارو نوازش میکنه


The Salt I Have Sprinkled On Your Open Wounds
המלח שזריתי לך על הפצעים
نمکی که به زخمای تو پاشیدم

Will Sweeten More Like Sugar, No More Bitterness
ימתיק עוד כמו סוכר , לא עוד מרורים
مثل شکرداره شیرین میشه, روزای تلخی دیگه نمیمونه

Enough With The Days When I Did Not Know Myself
לא עוד ימים של עצב
روزای ماتم و غم نمیمونه

Enough Of Gray Days For You And Me.
די לימים שלא הכרתי את עצמי
اون روزا که تو خودم گم شده بودم بسه


I Screamed At You
Everything That I Had In Me
צעקתי לך את כל מה שיש
واسه تو فریاد زدم, هرچی که دارم

Come Devour Me
Do Not Ask
תתן לי ים של נשיקות אל תבקש
بیا بی اجازه بوسه بارونم کن

Come Take Away
My Demons All My Fears
Do Not Ask
תקח ממני כבר את כל הפחדים
ترسارو بیا ازم دور
תבריח לי עכשיו את כל השדים
شیطونو بیا ازم دور بکن
ترسارو بیا ازم دور بکن


Promise Me ,
Promise Me Here And Now
תבטיח לי תבטיח לי כאן ועכשיו
قول بده, قول بده همینجا

Take Care Of Me Do Not Go Far
Stay Here
תשמור עלי אל תתרחק בבקשה
دور نشو, مراقبم باش اینجا


Liraz, The Highly Touted Israeli-persian Singer, Returns With A Buoyant And Border- Busting New Album. Shimmering Electro-pop Meets Pulsing Dance Rhythms And Retro Persian Sonics.
Includes Clandestine Collaborations With Iran-based Musicians And Composers.

Liraz Has Taken Her Shimmering Electro-pop Underground. She’s Turned It Into Something Dangerous And Even More Beautiful Than Before. For Her Second Album, Zan (“women” In Farsi), The Israeli- Persian Singer Collaborated Online With Composers And Musicians From Iran. Everything Had To Be Secretive To Avoid The Gaze Of Tehran’s Mullahs And Secret Police. The Result Is Her Private Revolution, Songs With A True Message, Music To Make People Dance And Smile – And Above All, Think.

The Songs On Zan Are The Fulfilment Of A Dream, Taking Liraz Deep Into The Soul Of The Country That Fills Her Heart And Populated The Stories Her Parents Told Her As A Child – But One She’s Never Seen. They Were Written For The Women In Her Family And To Connect With Her Own History, Quite Often The Same Thing.

“i Sing Because Of These Women, To Them, For Them,” Liraz Explains. “my Grandmothers Were Engaged When They Were 11 And 12 And Married At 15. They Both Had Many Children, But They Had So Much Passion For Life. I Grew Up With So Many Crazy Stories About These Women. My Mother Broke Down The Walls Around Women. So Did My Aunt. I Have Watched Them Since I Was A Child. They Fought For Their Freedom, And I’m Fighting For Mine, Telling The Stories About Them In My Songs.”

Zan, Liraz Insists, Is The Second Chapter Of The Story That Began With Naz. But It’s Also One That Stands Alone. This Is Underground Music In The Very Best Sense, True Political Pop With Names Withheld For Safety. Clandestine Collaborations That Started In The Shadows But Burst Out Of The Speakers In A Mix Of Traditional Persian Instruments, The Instruments That Touched Liraz As She Grew Up, Alongside Club Beats And Call-to-action Melodies.

“i Don’t Want It To Be Plastic,” She Says. It’s Not. The Honesty, The Passion, The Commitment And Hope Shine Through In Every Note And Nuance. She’s Opened Her Private Revolution To Everyone

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