Kiosk - Sweet Destiny

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All Proceeds From This Film Will Be Donated To Iran Human Rights In Support Of The #enoughexecutions Campaign. We Would Love For Everyone To Enjoy The Film And Have Made It Free To Watch For Those Struggling In Iran’s Current Economy But Ask The Iranian Diaspora And All Other Audiences To Help Support Our Campaign By Donating Here: Http:// * The Islamic Republic Of Iran Is One Of The World’s Top Executioners. The Fight Against The Death Penalty Requires Collective Action. Dedicated To The Families Of The Victims Of The Death Penalty And All Those Working For The Abolishment Of This Inhuman Punishment. *credits* Kiosk Is: Arash Sobhani Ali Kamali Shahrouz Molaei Produced By Hamid Reza Safipoor Executive Producers Arash Sobhani Hamid Reza Safipoor Directed By Kajart Arash Sobhani Music By Kiosk Written By Arash Sobhani Directed By Kajart Animation Kajart Sound Design/ Edit/ Mix Ali Kamali Music Arrangement Johan Moberg Music Mix/ Master Johan Bejerholm Music Video Directos (in Order Of Appearance): Barahoot By Saba Moghadami Fereshteha By Amin Kalagh By Ali Eskandarzadeh Forsat Talab By Amirfilms -animation & Composition Phantasmagoria Group Farda By Ali Eskandarzadeh Half Salad By Vahid Zamani Royaye Shirin By Amin Mah By Vahid Zamani Mibinamet Dobare By Ali Eskandarzedeh Jallad By Amir Films -vfx Hesam Zand Michael Jackson By Zartosht Soltani Voice Actors: Monsieur - Erwin Khachikian Moshaver - Hamid Reza Safipoor Hakem- Ali Kamali Akhoond - Hamid Reza Safipoor Shoja - Ali Kamali Patricia’s Dad - Mehran Aminian Justice Brothers - Arash Sobhani Journalist - Mehran Aminian Executioner Nima - Ahmadieh Peik - Arash Sobhani Musicians: Arash Sobhani : Guitars/vocals Ali Kamali : Bass Shahrouz Molaei : Drums Guest Musicians: Johan Moberg : Guitar Johan Bejerholm : Keys Guitar Solo On Kalagh : Nima Ahmadieh Guitar Solo On Michael Jackson : Daniel Pourkaramati. Back Vocals On Royaye Shirin : Sara Ahmadieh Back Vocals On Half Salad : Diana Planche Album Cover Design By Pendar Yousefi.

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