Arash Nyusha Pitbull Blanco - Goalie Goalie

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Goalie Goalie
Produced By: Alexandru Cotoi
Co Produced By: Andrei Ropcea & Bennie Amey Iii
Written By: Mohombi, Cederic Lorrain, Blanco 'the Ear', Armando Christian Perez, Alexandru Cotoi, Andrei Ropcea, Cezar Cazano

Published By:
Powerhouse Publishing, Sony Atv / Abuelo Y Tia Songs

Video Director: Farbod Koshtinat
Executive Producer: Kasra Pezeshki
Line Producers: Colin Randall And Michael Blevins
Director Of Photography: Carlos Veron
Post-production: Fred Koshtinat
Production Company: Artist Preserve London
And Damian Fyffe Productions

Category Music Video  /  General

TagsArash Goalie Goalie

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