Arash Behzadi - Tayna

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Tayna Means Secret Or Mystery In Russian. And Mystery Abounds In My Latest Music Video. Who Are These Beautiful Creatures Seemingly Emerging From The Primordial Sea?

Like Glistening Living Sculptures, Creeping Then Crawling, Until Finally Upright, Clothed And Walking. Have They Escaped An Unknown World? Or Are They Entrapped In One? For The Image That Follows Is One Of Bondage And Crucifixion As A Boat Bearing A Silhouetted Female Figure Tied To A Crucifix Bobs Into View, A Murky Figure At The Helm. Identical Clone-like Women Stand Motionless On The Shore. One Woman In Close-up Gazes Wistfully At The Approaching Boat With Its Prisoner.

Single File And Robotically, The Women Walk Across The Black Sand And Wind Through Imposing Boulders, Moving As A Single Organism, Connected, Undulating, As If Controlled By An Unseen Force. The Music Grows Increasingly Anxious. Is This Force The Menacing Figure With The Chalk White Face? Yes! Ghost Like He Peers Into Rising Smoke From What - A Fire? A Steamy Brew? Mist From The Sea? Is He An Evil Puppet Master? Again Yes! We See Him Manipulating Strings Attached To A Control Bar.

The Women, Marionette Like, Spin And Fall, Jerked About At His Whim. But Wait! Has One Of The Women Escaped? Standing Boldly, Silhouetted Atop A Massive Boulder Then Spinning Out Towards The Sea, She Is Now Joined By One Of Her Sisters As The Puppet Master Grows Increasingly Irate, Driving The Remaining Women Into The Sea.

What Are The Intentions Of This Menacing Puppeteer? We See Him Manipulating The Women Into Awkward Poses And Interconnected Gyrations. Amid The Chaos, One Woman Seems To Have Broken Free - Will Her Sisters Follow?

Perhaps There Is Hope In The Final Image As They Return To The Sea, For Water In Almost All Cultures, Symbolizes Rebirth, A Transcendence Of The Earthly Condition With The Power To Purify And To Provide Deliverance. It Is Also Represents The Sacred Value Of Life, Protection, And Healing.

And In Biblical References It Can Also Destroy Evil And Enemies. I Like To Think That This Glimmer Of Hope Holds True For Tayna’s Women.

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